TMR™-Training now part of the German Guidelines for Mine Rescue Services

German newspaper article "Quick help at a depth of 150 meters " about the TMR Project
Newspaper Article: Freie Presse 05.08.2020

Mining companies in Germany and Austria must ensure preparations for equal treatment conditions of medical emergencies independent of any specific workplace. For a significant reduction of time to treatment in mining and extended spectrum of medical first aid measures, the German board for Mining Rescue decided to implement the TMR® (Tactical Medical Mining Rescue) training course curriculum as part of the German Guidelines for Mine Rescue Services. The board consists of public commercial accident insurers, ministerial representatives and labour organizations from all German districts and Austria. With this implementation, the board values the continuous engagement of Andreas Fichtner, MD, PhD and Frank Reuter, PrEng, in establishing proven competencies through a validated course concept for extended first aid in mining among mine rescue workers.

Hans-Werner-Feder award of the German Society for Interdisciplinary Emergency and Acute Medicine certificate and TMR™ backbag

After completion of the standardized, validated and certified TMR™ training, this extended first aid response can be included in the companies medical emergency plan. TMR-trained mine rescue workers are proven to be equally competent in addressing specific mining related emergencies like public paramedic services.

The Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg included the course into their university curriculum and acts as exclusive certification body of the TMR-Course.